Horseback Riding in the Winter Wonderland!

Lapin Saaga Icelandic Horse Stable organize riding experiences for people all over the world!

Come and join us to experience riding with our charming Icelandic horses. We ride in the Winter Wonderland where all the trees are covered by white snow and there are beautiful mountain views around you.

In the winter evenings the sky might be covered with moon, thousands of stars and Northern Lights. Come and join us to have exciting Night Riding Trek.

We organize Christmas Fairytale Riding Trek for Children during Christmas period. 

'The trees covered in sparkling white crown snowload surround us, and somewhere close by we can hear jinglebells. The elves are sneaking near us! They can see us even when we are not able to see them.'

A Christmas-themed trek to the Fairytale Forest for families. Children will be on horseback and the parents will lead the horses with the guide walking ahead.

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* I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.
Just like the ones I used to know.
Where the tree tops glisten and children listen to hear sleigh bells in the snow*

In December it is a Polar Night season here in Lapland. The sky is dark but there might be moon, thousands of stars and Northern Lights dancing in the sky. White snow surround us and it is like million diamonds sparkle in the trees.

Christmas time is full of secrets and whispers and the homes are full of delicious Christmas smells. Elves are hiding behind the windows to find out if the children are good or naughty. Christmas time is a magical time and we let you know traditional Lappish Christmas.

Welcome to feel Christmas Magic Moments together with us.

Santa Claus Levi

Santa Claus and the Magic of Christmas!

You are warmly welcome to join us at Santa's Secret Cabin and his yard.

There are shining lanterns on the way to Santa's Secret Cabin. You'll have a guided tour at Santa's secret
cabin and his yard. You will see many buildings around the yard and if you are lucky you might see some Elves too. You will get to know many stories about Elves birth and their workshop.
Finally you'll go inside to Santa's Secret Cabin and there you'll meet Mr and Mrs Santa.
Mrs Santa tells you some Christmas stories and she'll also serve you a warm Christmas drink and
gingerbread cookies, which she has made by herself.
At last you will meet Mr Santa and say hello to this gentleman who loves every single child and adult and all
kind of animals in the world. Santa will also give a small Christmas present for every child.
• duration about 1 hour (transfers included in the time)
• guided tour to Santa's secret place
• warm Christmas drink and gingerbread cookies made by Mrs Santa
• a small Christmas present for children
• min. 2 persons max. 12 persons 

There is no previous experience required, age limit for children is 12 years unless they have previous experience on riding treks.

Maximum weight for the riders is 95 kg.

Guiding languages are Finnish and English.


Our stables are located at Kaarelantie 29, only 2 km from the centre.

We will accept cash, Finnish bankcards, MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron. The closest ATMs are by Levi S-market and hotel & spa Levitunturi.

We don't have any insurance for the customers. We recommend that you have own valid accident insurance.

It does not matter if you are experienced or a beginner rider; we welcome you to come and meet our lovely Icelandic horses, get familiar with riding and see the amazing Lappish landscape from horseback. There is no better way to enjoy your holiday in Levi.

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Lapin Saaga

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